Dear Students,

Eagerness with anxiety is always there, when it comes to a career. Eagerness is required to learn more but anxiety can impede the development. In path of growth and development, there may be certain commission of mistakes but learning from mistakes can make you distinctive.

Even I have not always chosen the safest path. I’ve made many mistakes. I sometimes jumped too soon and failed to appreciate the consequences. But Every path has taught me something important along the way, and i have learned. I’ve learned to heed the call of my heart. My journey was started off with a dream to be a surgeon, however certain episodes maneuvered me to pursue law, i pursued; became a lawyer, then a teacher to a judge but the zest to know the law was never ending for me, that persuaded me to coach and mentor you all.

I have always observed a framework to pursue my dreams that have helped me attaining success. I call it DCP that is Determination, Consistency and Patience. If this framework is endured, it is my assurance your dreams can turn into reality.

I as mentor is alway ready to guide you howbeit following KLA with concept of following KLA i.e knowledge , learning and Articulation, should be your commitment.

With high spirits, i wish you all the best for upcoming and blessings to you all.